3 Ways to Unwind After an Intense Workout


Let’s face it, working out isn’t all that fun if one were to consider the tons of sweat, muscle tear, and pain that accompany every intense exercise. But it becomes a necessary evil if we are to lead remotely healthy and invigorating lives and as cliche as it sounds, there is no gain without pain. That is, if we were to choose between sporting a well-trimmed toned bud coupled with a life filled with vigor and having a well-rounded gut coupled with a blurry uneventful life, chances are the former would get the major pick – regardless of the pain. Regardless of the perceived downsides.

Because the truth of the matter is – Life is best enjoyed while healthy. And so it has become a phenomenal mantra and an almost-impossible-to-refute claim that pain is synonymous to gain.

What if you found out there are certain ways you could get one without the other- at least to a certain sustainable degree?

What if we told you this pair could be mutually exclusive?

Well, here are a few ways you can unwind after intense hours of workout that would keep you feeling refreshed and as good as new:


Do you know how you get after an intense round of activity? Drained. Fatigued. Terrifyingly depleted. You don’t want to be involved with any other energy-sapping activity, at least not until you are replete. You can fully maximize this alone time with great meditation. Meditation has been found to have amazing physical and health benefits that include (but are not limited to) maintaining mind/body balance, lowering of blood pressure, stress reduction, and muscle relaxation. Do well to treat yourself to a few minutes meditation after everybody or mind exertion and feel how the stress and anxiety seep away with every deep intake of breath.

Heat therapy

Getting all heated up doesn’t come without its perks, which include de-stressing. One of the major tool used in spas to provide relaxation is heat. Moist heat utilized in hot tubs and dry heat as used in Saunas have been reputed to heat up slowly and relax muscles while providing instant relief from acute pain. A complete hot tub therapy followed by a special after-bath balm like the Tiger Balm targets key body pressure points such as the neck, back, elbow and knee joints to bring about soothing relief and total recovery.


There is no unwinding without a massage. More often than not, a thorough body massage takes away the stress and pent-up tension acquired from our daily routines. So it is expected that the first port of call after an intense exerting activity is to be treated to a session of hot massage. Even better is the use of a balm specifically designed to relieve muscle and joint discomfort. Tiger Balm is greaseless and non-staining and is sure to help provide you with maximal benefits from all of your massages.

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The Very Best Smoothie Recipes You Need to Try


Highly nutritious smoothies are composed of fruits and vegetables. A great smoothie diet ensures an all-round nutrient intake. A well-balanced diet can be easily achieved with smoothies all in one single drink. However, the best smoothie recipe in all its entirety would be a nutrient blend designed essentially for a particular need or purpose. Just as Pure Encapsulations offers a blend of minerals solely for healthy brain functioning, energy boost, and weight management, smoothies are specific in their functions.

So, to fully navigate the smoothie world and come up with what is the best recipe, there is the need to get over a few things.

Not Many Smoothies Have it All

For smoothies, “nutritious and delicious” may not necessarily appear in one sentence. Reason being- an assortment of juicy fruits make up a jar of delicious smoothie which translates to more sugar and fewer nutrients. For more healthy options, vegetable smoothies call the shots, but then one would have to put up with its signature bland taste and flavor. Smoothies from greens most often do not spark great interests as their fruit counterparts are most likely to do and quite frankly, it doesn’t come much as a surprise.

It takes quite several people a great deal of discipline to eat their daily ration of veggies talk less of having to take it as a drink. But somehow KetoBrain Energy by Pure Encapsulations has managed to pull this off quite effortlessly. Fully loaded with an assortment of essential minerals, fruit flavors, fruit acids and vegetable supplements, KetoBrain Energy has successfully debunked the “nutritious and delicious” myth in a single health supplement.

So green smoothies (and low sugar fruit types) could be sometimes uninspiring to have but are just about what we need for healthy body functioning.

Smoothies May Lead to Weight Gain

Yes. You heard that right. You may need to ease up on an all-fruits, high-sugar smoothie intake if adding on a few pounds isn’t on your bucket list. Especially if you aren’t exactly counting diet calories and sweating it out at the gym. To make a great weight loss blend, it is important to note the calorie-burning ability of each ingredient, making up the drink. Certain fruits like papaya, berries, avocado have been linked with weight loss. Add some nuts or throw in a slice of lemon and watch as the calories melt away.

Dietary Supplements Work Just as Much, if not Better

Pure Encapsulations offer a blend of nutrient supplements that enhance brain and muscle functions, provide neuroprotection while ensuring lasting energy. What’s more? They come in interesting flavors, great taste and are hypoallergenic. You can do a whole lot better than a glass of smoothie.

3 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling


Making healthy choices at home and work can be relatively easy compared to when you travel.

When you are on the road, you have much less control over the quality of your meals, snacks, exercise, and sleep.

Sleeping in a strange place and eating out or eating campfire food for a few days can damage your body. It is advisable to plan your well-being while traveling as carefully as you plan your itinerary. These are some tips.

Make Rules for Yourself

For example, eat something green with each meal, or insist on eating a fresh apple per day. (They are easy to find, and fiber is a real advantage.) Also skip the fried foods and desserts. Bring fresh and firm fruit with you on your trip.

Choose Healthy Foods

A business trip cannot be an excuse to eat all the junk that causes us problems. Look for foods that are healthier ,like chicken that is grilled or baked, and if possible, ask it to be cooked without much salt and drink plenty of water during the day. Vitamin supplements are a good option because they support the immune system to help keep your body on track while on vacation. They also you with the energy you need. There are several potent supplements from Pure encapsulations that are designed to maintain overall health and wellNess.

Have Breakfast

“Break the fast” after a long night of sleep with protein, and whole grains alerts your brain and revives your body’s systems. Also, breakfast patterns often have hunger pangs in the middle of the morning and get to high fat and calorie snacks that can lead to drowsiness or erratic spikes in blood sugar and dips.

Alcohol Consumption

Combined with a strange bed, the tendency of alcohol to interrupt your sleep patterns can cause fatigue and irritability the next day. I do not recommend more than one alcoholic beverage every two hours. Drink a full glass of water between each one.

Drink Enough Water

Take your body weight (in pounds) and divide it by two. This is the number of ounces of water that you should drink each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will need 75 ounces of water per day. Many people do not realize that staying hydrated helps avoid fatigue, irritability, headaches, and even “brain fog.”

Wash Your Hands

There are germs in the faucet handles, doorknobs, and vending machines. Do not use a pillow or a blanket on an airplane unless you brought it yourself. People touch their hands to their faces on an average of 18 times per hour.

Bottom Line

It may be difficult to adhere to all these, especially in the aspect of choosing a diet that contains all the vital food classes. But then, there is a way out which is by taking vitamin-rich supplements. You can find a lot of supplements from Pure encapsulations. These products are also energy-rich and boost your overall health.

Natural Ways to Fend Off Mosquitoes This Summer


Mosquitoes are the worst. These disease-bearing blood-suckers show up on the scene at the most inopportune times: cool summer nights hanging outdoors with your buds, on Saturday morning when you’re moving the lawn, or during a peaceful hike. Mosquitoes prefer certain blood types more than others. If you happen to be the type that’s most attractive to these awful insects, you’re probably looking for some natural ways to save yourself from skin bumps and itching. Here are some of the best ways we’ve ever tried.

Grow Herbs

If you’re looking for a mosquito-free house or yard, you’ve got to bring some herbs into the mix. Many herbs (such as lavender, rosemary, mint/catnip) repel mosquitoes naturally. However, no herb is so effective at this task as citronella. Citronella oil is the primary ingredient in many store-bought bug sprays. However, you can go to the source for localized protection around your home/yard/deck. Citronella grows well in containers, and is sun tolerant, thus thriving at the hottest points in the year when mosquitoes are most active. Buy several citronella plants and space them out, 1 per 100 square feet, in any outdoor area where you’ll be spending time. If you have strong, mature citronella plants, you may be shocked at how effective they are.


Another natural way to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor hangout is to use fans. Mosquitoes are tiny, weighing between 2.5 and 10 milligrams. As such, any wind at all will send these bugs spinning into the distance. So, if you’re sitting outside and mosquitoes are pestering you, a simple box fan on low speed may be enough to send them flying, if strategically placed. This method is especially good for people who don’t want to put chemicals (even natural ones) on their skin.

Use Herbal Oils

Living green herbs like rosemary and citronella may be effective against mosquitoes, but these herbal solutions may not be useful when you’re on the go. Of course, you could carry along some herb cuttings in your backpack, socks, or sleeves during a hike, but you’ll find it’s slightly less cumbersome to use oils. Essential oils from rosemary, mint, catnip, and (especially) citronella will give you much the same results from the mature plants, without requiring you to carry a huge potted rosemary on your next outdoor excursion.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Now it’s time to go to the source of your problem. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and the resulting larvae start out as aquatic wrigglers before maturing into flying insects. Mosquito larvae love still, warm water with lots of organic material. Therefore, you’re sure to find them in dirty, standing water, especially when it’s warm outside. You might have seen these wiggly swimmers in rainwater sitting in an old bucket outside, in a puddle beside the road, or in runoff collecting in a poorly drained part of your yard.

It’s up to you to eliminate these mosquito breeding waters. Do so by improving drainage around your property, upsetting water sitting in objects left outdoors, and by treating and covering ponds and pools. You may not be able to get rid of all standing water in the periphery of your home, but making even small changes to the immediate area where you spend time outdoors, you should note a reduction in the mosquitoes bothering you and your friends.

Mosquitoes don’t have to ruin your days this summer. Use the above tactics to outsmart them, shoo them away, and keep them from developing in the first place. We wish you a happy summer with very few itchy bites!