3 Ways to Unwind After an Intense Workout


Let’s face it, working out isn’t all that fun if one were to consider the tons of sweat, muscle tear, and pain that accompany every intense exercise. But it becomes a necessary evil if we are to lead remotely healthy and invigorating lives and as cliche as it sounds, there is no gain without pain. That is, if we were to choose between sporting a well-trimmed toned bud coupled with a life filled with vigor and having a well-rounded gut coupled with a blurry uneventful life, chances are the former would get the major pick – regardless of the pain. Regardless of the perceived downsides.

Because the truth of the matter is – Life is best enjoyed while healthy. And so it has become a phenomenal mantra and an almost-impossible-to-refute claim that pain is synonymous to gain.

What if you found out there are certain ways you could get one without the other- at least to a certain sustainable degree?

What if we told you this pair could be mutually exclusive?

Well, here are a few ways you can unwind after intense hours of workout that would keep you feeling refreshed and as good as new:


Do you know how you get after an intense round of activity? Drained. Fatigued. Terrifyingly depleted. You don’t want to be involved with any other energy-sapping activity, at least not until you are replete. You can fully maximize this alone time with great meditation. Meditation has been found to have amazing physical and health benefits that include (but are not limited to) maintaining mind/body balance, lowering of blood pressure, stress reduction, and muscle relaxation. Do well to treat yourself to a few minutes meditation after everybody or mind exertion and feel how the stress and anxiety seep away with every deep intake of breath.

Heat therapy

Getting all heated up doesn’t come without its perks, which include de-stressing. One of the major tool used in spas to provide relaxation is heat. Moist heat utilized in hot tubs and dry heat as used in Saunas have been reputed to heat up slowly and relax muscles while providing instant relief from acute pain. A complete hot tub therapy followed by a special after-bath balm like the Tiger Balm targets key body pressure points such as the neck, back, elbow and knee joints to bring about soothing relief and total recovery.


There is no unwinding without a massage. More often than not, a thorough body massage takes away the stress and pent-up tension acquired from our daily routines. So it is expected that the first port of call after an intense exerting activity is to be treated to a session of hot massage. Even better is the use of a balm specifically designed to relieve muscle and joint discomfort. Tiger Balm is greaseless and non-staining and is sure to help provide you with maximal benefits from all of your massages.