The Very Best Smoothie Recipes You Need to Try


Highly nutritious smoothies are composed of fruits and vegetables. A great smoothie diet ensures an all-round nutrient intake. A well-balanced diet can be easily achieved with smoothies all in one single drink. However, the best smoothie recipe in all its entirety would be a nutrient blend designed essentially for a particular need or purpose. Just as Pure Encapsulations offers a blend of minerals solely for healthy brain functioning, energy boost, and weight management, smoothies are specific in their functions.

So, to fully navigate the smoothie world and come up with what is the best recipe, there is the need to get over a few things.

Not Many Smoothies Have it All

For smoothies, “nutritious and delicious” may not necessarily appear in one sentence. Reason being- an assortment of juicy fruits make up a jar of delicious smoothie which translates to more sugar and fewer nutrients. For more healthy options, vegetable smoothies call the shots, but then one would have to put up with its signature bland taste and flavor. Smoothies from greens most often do not spark great interests as their fruit counterparts are most likely to do and quite frankly, it doesn’t come much as a surprise.

It takes quite several people a great deal of discipline to eat their daily ration of veggies talk less of having to take it as a drink. But somehow KetoBrain Energy by Pure Encapsulations has managed to pull this off quite effortlessly. Fully loaded with an assortment of essential minerals, fruit flavors, fruit acids and vegetable supplements, KetoBrain Energy has successfully debunked the “nutritious and delicious” myth in a single health supplement.

So green smoothies (and low sugar fruit types) could be sometimes uninspiring to have but are just about what we need for healthy body functioning.

Smoothies May Lead to Weight Gain

Yes. You heard that right. You may need to ease up on an all-fruits, high-sugar smoothie intake if adding on a few pounds isn’t on your bucket list. Especially if you aren’t exactly counting diet calories and sweating it out at the gym. To make a great weight loss blend, it is important to note the calorie-burning ability of each ingredient, making up the drink. Certain fruits like papaya, berries, avocado have been linked with weight loss. Add some nuts or throw in a slice of lemon and watch as the calories melt away.

Dietary Supplements Work Just as Much, if not Better

Pure Encapsulations offer a blend of nutrient supplements that enhance brain and muscle functions, provide neuroprotection while ensuring lasting energy. What’s more? They come in interesting flavors, great taste and are hypoallergenic. You can do a whole lot better than a glass of smoothie.