What To Bring To The Best Cuban Beach Resort


On account of its political instability, Cuba hasn’t been the place most tourists prefer to visit. However, the scenario is pretty much changed now, and it has become a trendy place to visit.

Due to being a relatively new tourist spot, people often get confused about what to accompany when visiting the best Cuban beach resorts. So, in this article, we will guide you all about the things you should bring along being a tourist to a Cuban resort, based on our expertise and the tourist’s experiences. You shouldn’t wait too long before making your dreams of travel a reality, so make sure to bookmark this article for future reading.

Official Documentation: Visa, Passport, Etc.

Official documents, like passports, are the things that you shouldn’t ever forget, not only in the case of Cuba but while visiting any country. So, remember to keep them along as they could be needed at any time, and their absence is likely to land you in pretty difficult conditions.

Health Insurance

This one is kind of an irregular thing that is a must-have. Unlike some countries, Cuban law requires each of its visitors to have health insurance during their stay.

You can either have previously owned health insurance that will work overseas as well, or you can buy local health insurance from within Cuba.

Health and Skin Care Cosmetics

These are some of the most important things you can bring along on your trip. As you’re getting out of your comfort zone, adapting to new conditions and environment, your body is bound to experience some changes. So, bring along any health or skincare items that you might find helpful. For instance, Alaffia, Devita, and Plant Therapy products may help to provide the support you need.


What’s life nowadays without your technology. Snapchatting regularly and taking photos and uploading them to Instagram are half your joy. So, remember to bring them along.


Who wants to visit a beautiful place and leave it without digital memories? Always bring your camera along to capture the beautiful moments to review the great time you spent, or for making your peers get jealous at all you’ve seen.

Medical Kit

Bad times do not come with a warning, which is exactly the case here. Even if you take all of the required precautions, there is still a chance of bad things happening. And even though some of the resorts may offer medical services, always keep your medical kit next to you in case of any emergency.


Again, the best resorts in Cuba are bound to provide you with all the major toiletries one needs, but it’s still very convenient to bring along any toiletries that you’re comfortable with, so you won’t have to adapt to any new items in case the ones you use aren’t available.

Make sure to print off this list, so you know what you need to bring when you visit the best Cuban beach resort of your dreams.

Make Your Dream About Travel a Reality With These Tips


If you take a look around yourself, you will find that there is a large pool of people with a dream about travel they wish would become real.

Sadly, there are many barriers to making the dream of travel come into reality, with money and time being the biggest among them. But nothing is impossible, and these barriers can also be overcome with some work!

Make Your Dream About Travel a Priority

If you really care about something and want it to happen, you will get out of your comfort-zone and prioritize key things above everything else.

Same for travel, if you keep dreaming and don’t start prioritizing it and taking time out for it, you’ll always end up finding excuses and shortcomings and never really approach it.

So, below are some tips to stop dreaming and start acting.

Get Lots of Inspiration

Today, it’s very easy to find inspiration for traveling on the internet. You can follow famous travel vloggers, read reviews on Yelp, or just look at photos of breathtaking places around the globe.

Today, it’s very easy to find inspiration for traveling on the internet. You can follow famous travel vloggers, read reviews on Yelp, or just look at photos of breathtaking places from around the globe.

Once you have the inspiration, it will help you out of your comfort zone and really start pushing yourself to the limits.

Start Saving Up Money

Money is one of the biggest barriers that stop people from traveling. For some, saving money is difficult. There are, after all, unexpected expenses that come throughout our lifetimes.

Food is one of the easier areas where people can save money. Go shopping less often, buy in bulk, prepare your meals using fresh ingredients, and stop going out to eat except on special occasions.

An important thing here is to keep your money in a high-interest savings account or CD, which adds an additional barrier to withdrawing money and helps to grow what you already have.

Keep Looking for Travel Deals

Always look and listen for any news related to travel deals. There are group deals offered by some travel companies who can sell packages in bulk, helping to cut marketing costs, subsidizing offers to more individuals, and promising other businesses that they will have customers to sell products to. So, subscribe to newsletters and other informational papers, and always keep your focus on getting the best deal and don’t be swayed by people telling you that your time is running out to sign up for something that is too expensive or isn’t the best deal.

Consult Professional Travelers

There will be times when you will be confused by all of your options. This is the perfect time to consult professional travelers. As they have also gone through the same phase, they should be able to provide insight into the travel process.

Use Up Free Time

It’s not that easy to make your dream about travel a reality, but never let your free time go to waste and make the most out of it. Vacations are the perfect use of your time.