What To Expect on a Royal Caribbean Alaskan Cruise Tour


If we talk about the most captivating natural landscapes, Alaska would be top of the list. Along this mind-blowing coastal route, you will see a lot of impressive things!

Glorious river canyons, ancient valleys, and misty forests, to name a few. Alaska is overflowing with adventure and history. None but a Royal Caribbean Alaskan Cruise Tour can make your dream of traveling to this location a reality.

Not sure what to expect? Take a look at a few of the things you can expect to see while on your trip. 

Get a Real Taste of Nature

If you want to get the real taste of nature, you should consider a Royal Caribbean Alaskan cruise tour. You will be surrounded by rolling tundras, pristine lakes, towering mountains, and mighty rivers. It is a land of independent spirit, and along with the natural beauty, you will come to know what real wildlife is. Caribou, grizzly bears, and orca whales are always there. However, you will need binoculars or a camera to spot them. If you see that some creatures are not moving, observe them minutely. It might be a ‘rock bear’ or ‘spruce moose’.

Rustic Flavoured Alaskan Lodges

Before going on a Royal Caribbean Alaskan cruise tour, you must know that you will get Alaskan lodges instead of chain hotels. These lodges are filled with rustic flavors; the exteriors have exposed-log designs, whereas the interiors will give you a blond-wood look. Lobbies have fireplaces and cozy seating. However, if you are thinking that you will be completely detached from the urban world after going on this tour, you are wrong. The internet is widely available, and you will get Wi-Fi in some remote areas. Moreover, you will have access to fitness centers and swimming pools in some of the lodges. In a nutshell, it must be said that these Alaskan lodges will give you a perfect combination of outdoor living and metropolitan pursuits.

Learn Alaskan Culture

It is quite evident that your mind will be enriched with the Alaskan culture after going on this Alaskan cruise tour. It is a land of independent spirit where you will not only visualize the wild beauty of Alaska but also feel a connection to the Alaskan community. You will see the Anchorage museum that beautifully presents the native culture of Alaska. It is filled with some captivating items such as a jacket that is made of seal’s intestines, a helmet with a human face, and much more. Along with this, you will see art galleries and can visit the discovery center where you will see art, science, and history. Visiting Gold Dredge No. 8 is a part of this tour, and there, you will learn about mining and the gold rush. This tour also includes a ride on a replica train at the Tanana Valley Railroad.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your seat today for the Royal Caribbean Alaskan cruise tour!