Babies, Airplane Travel, and How to Survive Long Flights


In some ways, the flight to your destination is one of the easiest parts of trips – at least once you get through security and board the flight. However, things can get through stressful situations, like if you have to bring a baby on board, or someone has brought a baby, especially on longer flights.

Use some of the below strategies to make sure things go well for you!

Schedule The Flight Time Strategically

Crying and sleeping are the two main things that babies can do. When you can handle the first one, there will be fewer problems surviving on a long flight. However, you have to schedule your flight time strategically to minimize obstacles. Although the ambiance inside the plane is not too noisy, you should take the night flight. It is the time when most passengers and baby feel sleepy. You just need to rub the back of your baby gently to get them more comfortable. So, if you are ready to sacrifice your own sleep, this will be the perfect way to survive long flights with babies.

Choose Seats Wisely

It is very important to choose seats wisely while traveling by plane with your baby. The flight ticket is free if your kid sits on your lap. However, if you don’t get enough legroom, it will be difficult for long flights. So, we will recommend that you spend some money on an extra seat. Another option is an infant car seat to keep your baby as it will be familiar to them and may provide the comfort that will help them to doze during the flight.

If you still think that the strategies mentioned above might be complicated for you, try a bassinet. A bassinet is something that can be hooked into the wall in front of a bulkhead seat, and your baby can comfortably sleep there (Bulkhead seats are seats with additional legroom.) Many airlines also offer bassinets for long-haul flights. The problem is that you cannot book it online, but you may be able to contact the airline and request it for use with a bassinet. This might not be enough for some airlines, so you also need to reach the airport as early as possible and reiterate the request for a bassinet.

Be Prepared

Preparation is one of the most important things that you need to survive on a long flight. Don’t forget to take extra wipes, diapers, food, and clothes. Along with these, you must take enough books and toys so that you can entertain your baby during the long flight.

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Make Plans for Landing and Take-off

Landing and take-off will probably be the hardest parts for your baby because they feel the change of air pressure during these times. Most of the time, babies start crying, and therefore, you have to make sure that your baby is either sleeping or eating something (sucking milk bottle will be most preferable) during that time.

Bookmark these tips before your next flight so you enjoy the travel experience more!