Famous Monuments In Africa


Among the seven continents, Africa is rich in diversity, mind-blowing tourist attractions, natural resources, and cultural heritage. Well, Africa is also different from other continents because of its intricate political system. Moreover, it is the second-largest continent, both in size and population. However, here, we will not talk about all the aspects of Africa. The article is all about the famous monuments in Africa.

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Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker monument was built in order to commemorate the Voortrekkers. Voortrekkers are Dutch-speaking migrants who left the Cape Colony around 1854. It is located in the southern part of Pretoria in South Africa, and it was designed by Gerard Moerdijk, who is a famous architect. It was inaugurated by F. Malan, the then-prime minister on 16th December 1949, and it was declared a National Heritage Site in 2011 by the South African Heritage Resource Agency. 

The overall construction cost of this monument was 360,000 euros, and if we talk about the special features, it is 40 meters high with a 40 by 40-meter base. It has architectural resemblance with other European monuments such as the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Germany and Dome des Invalides in France. Moreover, it has two interesting points, which are the Cenotaph and Historical Frieze.

The Renaissance Monument In Africa

The Renaissance Monument in Africa, which is also called le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine is a 52-meter tall statue made of copper. It is located on top of the twin hills called Collines des Mamelles. It was designed by Pierre Goudiaby with the help of an idea introduced by the then-president Abdoulaye Wade. The monument was built by a North Korean company, Mansudae Overseas Projects. Well, it was the president who launched this project, and this monument is always considered as one of the prestigious projects of Senegal. It symbolizes the new era of Renaissance in Africa.

Afrikaans Language Monument

The Afrikaans Language Monument, also known as Afrikaanse Taalmonument, is located on a hill in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It glorifies the language of South Africa completely different from Dutch, and along with it, it symbolizes the identity and pride of Afrikaners in their language. The monument also symbolizes the political developments of South Africa, and along with this, the structure’s bottom part has an open stadium where events and concerts are held.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to learn all about famous monuments in Africa.