Do Probiotics Help With Bloating?


Bloating is one problem that many people ignore. Bloating is a situation when we generally feel swollen after overeating. It is sometimes visible, with swelling occurring around the abdomen. The main reasons behind bloating are the excessive production of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. All of this can be the result of damage to the gut, unusual movements of the muscles in our digestive system, or eating habits.


Bloating can bring intolerable symptoms such as discomfort, stomach pain, and much more. You will feel that you have got a bigger stomach. Some people believe that bloating and water retention are similar. But this is not entirely true as bloating indicates an excessive amount of gas, liquids, or solids in the digestive system.


Some people can also have bloating because of a sensitivity to certain foods or medications. Around 30% to 40% of people report suffering from bloating regularly.


Bloating can also happen because of medical conditions. Following an unhealthy diet can also lead to bloating, and along with it, if you start eating foods that you are completely intolerant to, you might suffer from bloating.


Now, if we talk about the solutions, there are many. Probiotics are one such potential solution. Doctors think that probiotics help with bloating. It is a fact that bacteria produce gas in the intestine, and it leads to bloating. There are different types of bacteria residing in the gut. However, good bacteria found in probiotic supplements can mitigate gas production while still breaking down food in an efficient manner. Yet, probiotics have limitations, and they may only help reduce the production of gas, but they may not help to get rid of the symptoms of bloating fully.


However, the efficiency of probiotics depends upon the individual. Moreover, there are different types of probiotic strains available, and you might not get fruitful outcomes from all of them. However, the fact is that probiotic supplements have endless health benefits, and therefore, you can try them without any hesitation. It takes some time, and so you might not get outcomes instantly.


By now, you have understood the essential aspects of probiotics. So, what are you waiting for? If you are suffering from bloating, you should start taking probiotics.