Best Countries to Visit if You’re New to Travelling


Who does not love travelling? Well, travelling to different countries sounds great. But it is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many challenges and complexities that travelers will have to face if they are travelling overseas. Well, for an experienced traveler, this will be fun and enjoyable. But, if you are a new traveler, you should start your travelling career or travelling journey with some simple yet beautiful countries. The world is big and therefore, it is very difficult to decide where to go first. If you are a solo traveler or new traveler, you will definitely have problems when it comes to choosing countries to visit. This is why we have come up with a list of best countries that you must visit if you are new to travelling.

Key Points To Remember Before Choosing The Destination

If you are a new traveler, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Language Barrier: Language can be a major concern when you are travelling overseas. If you are a new traveler you must choose a country where people speak your native language. Or, you can choose a country where people at least speak as well as understand English well.
  • Tourism Support: You must choose a country where you will have destinations to visit. There are many European countries that provide full support to tourists. They offer maps, easy public transport and many more.

Best Countries For New Travelers

We have added some best countries that new travelers must visit. So, don’t miss to run into the following points:

  • England: England is one of the best countries to visit. One of the best reasons to visit this country is that people in England speak and understand English very well. Therefore, there will be no language barrier. Now, if we talk about London, it is not cheap at all. But, you can save your money by choosing public transportation. Moreover, you can eat at local pubs instead of visiting fancy and expensive restaurants. The local pubs really offer great dishes. Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and Big Ben are some attractive aspects of this beautiful city.
  • Germany: Germany is another beautiful country that new traveler must visit. Although it is not an English-speaking country, people in this country understand English. They also speak decent English. The public transportation system is very organized. You can visit different parts of the country using the German train system. The tickets are not expensive at all.

So, these are some beautiful countries to visit if you are new to travelling.