Book Your Ticket For These Train Sightseeing Journeys


Train sightseeing journeys are a great way to see the sights of nature from the comfort of a traveling vehicle. But unlike a van or a bicycle there is an old world charm to riding in a train, hearing the clack-clack of the wheels, and the airey and open space of a boxcar that heightens the experience. Keeping this point in mind, we have come up with a list of the best train sightseeing journeys.

First Passage to The West Of Rocky Mountaineer

There is no doubt that the First Passage To The West is one of the most beautiful train rides. Well, you will have to visit the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. It runs between Banff and Vancouver, and the train covers the beautiful scenery in the southern part of British Columbia. Passengers will experience some stunning natural views, such as the steep tracks along the Thompson River, Fraser Canyon’s wild waters, and many more. Passengers will also have an option for an overnight stay in Kamloops.

Glacier Express

If you want to see a stunning view of the Alps, this train journey will be perfect for you. Yes, you have heard it right. The Glacier Express connects two beautiful mountain resorts, the Switzerland St. Moritz and Zermatt. The train travels across 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. You will see the pristine mountain lakes, beautiful hamlets, and alpine meadows.

West Highland Line

West Highland Line is another train that offers an alluring sightseeing journey. It takes passengers through the diverse scenery of Scotland. The journey will start from Glasgow, which is the biggest town in Scotland, and ends in Mallaig. You will get to see the Rannoch Moor’s remote wilderness. Along with it, you will also see the Glenfinnan Viaduct that was featured in the Harry Potter film series.


If you want to see the dramatic landscape of New Zealand, then this train journey will be ideal for you. The passengers will get to see the Canterbury Plains that are situated alongside the Waimakariri River. Moreover, you will see the Staircase Viaduct, mountains, and much more. The final destination is Greymouth, where passengers will see gold mines.

These are some enchanting train sightseeing journeys. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today.