Homemade Natural And Healthy Chocolate Recipe


Who does not love eating chocolates? Well, there are some biological reasons that make chocolate more approachable. It is rich in magnesium, and therefore, it helps to maintain magnesium levels in our body. Chocolate also improves our mood, as well as how well we sleep, because magnesium helps to regulate levels of dopamine and serotonin in our body.

However, if you see the current market, you will realize that different brands have come up with different chocolate products. But most of them are not necessarily healthy. Therefore, we have come up with homemade natural and healthy chocolate recipe for you.

Homemade Chocolate Recipe

Well, we have explained the ingredients as well as recipe for you. So, do not miss the points mentioned below. Also remember that there are great ways to make any recipe better. Check out Carlson Labs and Nutramedix for products that seek to support your body  every day!


In order to make chocolate at home, you will need the following ingredients:


You will need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to make chocolate at home.

  • Start with a clean glass bowl. You will also need a double boiler. After taking this, pour an inch of clean water. Now, add the cocoa butter to it, and melt it over medium heat.
  • After melting the cocoa butter, remove it from the heat. After that, add cocoa powder and vanilla to it. Well, you can also add other flavours. After adding all the flavours, you will have to mix it very well.
  • Set it aside so that it can get back to normal temperatures. Now, add honey to it and mix it very well.
  • You will have to make sure that all the items are mixed very well and you have a smooth texture. You will also have to ensure that it does not get into contact with any liquid such as water. Otherwise, it will hamper the overall texture of the chocolate.
  • Now, pour the chocolate into a glass pan or molds. Now keep it for 4 to 5 hours so that it forms a hard texture.
  • Finally, remove it from the molds and keep the chocolate in the refrigerator. You can store this for a week.

So, this is how you can make tasty and healthy chocolate at home. We hope that this recipe would be helpful for you.

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Exercises To Help Lengthen Hamstrings


If you are into sports where a lot of running and sprinting are required, you have definitely experienced a hamstrings problem. It has become a major concern for many people nowadays. Well, there are three muscles in the back part of our thigh. These are called hamstrings. These muscles are responsible for flexing or bending our knees. If you are a tennis or soccer player, you will suffer from hamstrings tightness.

Such a thing also happens in the case of running and dancing. It is very important to keep the hamstring muscles loose. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a hamstring injury and hamstring tightness. In the case of a hamstring injury, you must consult with your doctor to evaluate it instead of treating this at home.

Benefits of Hamstring Flexibility

If you can keep your hamstrings flexible, you will get endless benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Prevent physical injury.
  • You will get rid of low back pain.
  • Flexible hamstring muscles will enhance your overall athletic performance.
  • Muscle soreness will also be decreased.


Well, there are several exercises through which you can make your hamstring muscles flexible. We have added some of them here.

Simple Hamstring Stretch

A simple hamstring stretch can keep your muscles flexible. We have explained the steps below.

  • First of all, you will have to sit on the floor stretching the legs forward.
  • Now, extend your arms forward as much as possible. You will have to keep your knees straight.
  • Keep yourself in this position for at least 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Now, go back to the starting position. Repeat this step three times to achieve the desired result.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Standing hamstring stretch is another simple exercise that you can do to keep your hamstring muscles flexible. We have explained how you can do this.

  • Put your right foot in front of the left while standing. It is like putting yourself in a crisscross position.
  • Then, bend forward and extend your arms.
  • Touch the ground and keep your knees straight.
  • You will have to hold this position for at least 30 seconds.
  • Then go back to the starting position and relax. Then, put your left foot in front of the right foot and follow the steps.

The flexibilities of your hamstrings muscles depend upon the type of stretch you are doing. Here, we have added examples of static stretches where you will have hold your position for a few seconds. You need to do these after working out. On the other side, you can do a dynamic stretch. Dynamic stretch indicates warming your muscles before getting into any heavy exercise. So, we hope that this article would be helpful for you.

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These Foods Cause Oily Skin


Well, there is no doubt that different people have different types of skin. But, among them, oily skin is considered the most irritating. If you are having oily skin, you will definitely suffer from various skin problems. People are using homemade masks and oil-control products to help alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, these things cannot give you satisfactory outcomes. Moreover, skin-care products consist of harmful chemicals, and therefore, if you completely rely on these products, the situation can become worse.

There are several things that can cause oily skin. You can have it from your genes or you might have hormonal issue. Even the environment can play an important role. However, you might be surprised to know that your regular diet can also hamper the condition of your skin.

Yes, you have heard it right. If you have problems with your digestion or if you are regularly consuming unhealthy foods, you will definitely have oily skin. Actually, the condition of your skin depends upon what you are consuming regularly. Therefore, it is very important to know about the foods that cause oily skin. As a matter of fact, most people are unknowingly consuming foods that generally cause oily skin. If you are one of them, you will not have to worry. Here, we have added the foods that can cause oily skin. So, don’t skip the following points:

Dairy Foods

Dairy products are rich in protein and fat, and therefore, it can make your skin oilier. If you eat dairy products on a regular basis, you might have problems with digestion. Ultimately, you will suffer from acne problems. Well, instead of having dairy products, you can go with some other options such as soy milk and almond milk.

Fried Products

Well, who does not love eating fried products? During the cold season, the taste of fried products get enhanced. But you might be shocked to know that these fried foods are not good for our health and can lead to oily skin.

Salty Food Products

When it comes to enhancing the taste of any dish, salt plays a very important role. But consuming excessive salt can cause skin dehydration. Skin dehydration means that your skin produces an excessive amount of oil to get rid of the water loss problems. So, you will have to maintain a balance to keep your skin oil-free.

So, these are some foods that can cause oily skin. We hope that this article would definitely help you to keep your skin in the best condition. If you want additional support, consider looking into skin support products from Heritage and Designs for Health and see if these provide the support that you are looking for each day.

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What a Bloated Face and Stomach Tells You About Your Body


We are living in the modern era where people do not have time to follow a healthy routine and therefore, they are suffering from various physical problems. Bloated face, as well as stomach, is undoubtedly one of them. If you are having a bloated face and stomach, you will have to make changes in your daily routine.

Bloated Stomach

If you are suffering from a bloated stomach, you will have to keep an eye on your regular diet. You might have a serious problem with your digestive system. Sometimes, excessive gas production causes a bloated stomach. It also hampers your physical shape as your stomach looks bigger. A bloated stomach can cause stuffed feeling, discomfort, and pain in your body.

People sometimes misinterpret a bloated stomach or bloating as water retention. But these two terms are completely different. A bloated stomach indicates that your digestive system has excessive amounts of gas, liquids, and solids. Sometimes, you feel an increased pressure in your abdomen. According to a survey, almost 25% to 30% of people regularly suffer from bloated stomach and therefore, it has become a common problem nowadays. But, there are through which you can get rid of it. We have added some of them below:

  • You should not consume too much at a time. Instead of having big meals, you can start eating small portions.
  • If you are completely intolerant to certain foods, you should definitely eliminate them from your regular diet. Some common foods that you should consider are lactose, fructose, wheat, gluten, and eggs.
  • Foods that are rich in fibre produce an excessive amount of gas in our stomachs. Ultimately, you will suffer from a bloated stomach. So, you will stop eating such foods.

Bloated Face

A bloated face is not a new thing as most people in the 21st century are suffering from it. Well, if you are having this problem, you will have to change your lifestyle. A bloated face is a kind of allergic reaction and there are ways through which you can easily get rid of this problem.

If your facial tissues have an excessive amount of fluids, it can cause bloated face or face inflammation. Moreover, bad oral health, salivary gland issues, and face injury can cause this problem. Bloated face indicates obesity, conjunctivitis, thyroid problem, sinusitis, anaphylaxis, angioedema, and many more.

However, if you start doing regular exercise and face yoga, you can get rid of these problems. Along with these, you should review your diet. You should incorporate herbs while cooking.

By now, you have probably understood everything about bloated face and stomach. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.

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Steps To Accomplish More and Get More Done in the Day


Well, we are living in the modern era where productivity has become an issue that is generating a good amount of discussion. Everyone wants to enhance their productivity and for achieving the best outcome, everyone is approaching different techniques. But, not all of them can give you the desired result. Most people give preference to caffeine in order to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, in such a situation, they get an undefeated feeling even before sitting in front of the computer.

We all say that we could do better if we had got some extra hours. Well, we cannot control our time but, we can thoroughly control our productivity. There are several steps through which you can accomplish more done in the day. We have added some of them here. So, don’t miss to go through the following points:

Wake Up Earlier

Well, if you are not a “morning person,” it will be difficult for you to accomplish more done in a day. You will have to wake up earlier to get the job done. If you are already a “morning person,” you will have to set your alarm one hour earlier. In such a case, you should not hit the snooze button. Thus, you will be able to get an extra hour of peaceful and uninterrupted work time.

Start Off Your Day With a Full Tank

Well, you have probably seen that our productivity gets enhanced after coming back from a vacation. Well, we are not suggesting you to take vacation frequently. We want you to start off the day with a full tank. If you do not have a high energy level, you will not be able to accomplish more done in a day. Therefore, we will suggest you get yourself unplugged from the workload after coming back to your home. You need at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep to achieve a high energy level. In addition to this, you must have a healthy breakfast.

Don’t Forget to Make a To-Do List

If you want to increase your productivity, you will have to make a to-do list. It will help you to cope up with the pressure of your daily activities. You can calculate the time that you need to complete the daily activities. Thus, you can accomplish more done in a day.

Do Physical Exercise Regularly

If you do physical exercise regularly, you can keep your energy level high. Moreover, you can also do morning yoga. Ultimately, you will be able to take your productivity to the next level.

So, this is how you can accomplish more done in a day. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.

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How To Make an Oatmeal Bath and Benefits


If you are suffering from itchy and dry skin, you will definitely start taking an oatmeal bath. It has endless benefits and dermatologists also agree with it. Joshua Zeichner, a renowned dermatologist is of the opinion that oatmeal bath has been being used in the field of skin care as it has soothing moisturizing benefits. Gary Goldenberg, a famous MD is of the opinion that it has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore, it is effective for itchy skin.

Well, it does not matter whether you have a skin problem or not, you can take an oatmeal bath on a regular basis. It can help you to keep your skin in a good shape. Most people do not know how to take an oatmeal bath properly. If you are one of them, you will not have to worry. Here, we have elaborated everything that you need for having an oatmeal bath. So, have a look at the following points:


The ingredients that you need are as follows.

  • Food processor or coffee grinder.
  • 1 cup of instant oats. You can go with unflavored and organic oats.
  • A tub.
  • Warm water.
  • If you want a creamy texture, you can add goat’s milk and almond.


The process is elaborated below.

  • First of all, you will have to put the oats in a food blender or grinder. After grounding it very well, keep it in a bowl.
  • Now, fill the tub with warm water and add the grounded oats to it. Now, keep it there for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. After that, you will have to sit in your tub. Sit there for at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • After that remove some water from the tub and rub your skin very well.
  • Then, dry yourself using a towel and apply skin moisturizer.


Oatmeal bath has endless benefits. We have added some of them below.

Health Benefits

  • It can improve your cardiac health.
  • If you are suffering from constipation, it can give you the ultimate relief.
  • Oatmeal bath improves your immunity power and it can also treat hypertension.
  • It enhances bone health and sleep quality.

Skin Benefits

  • An oatmeal bath can treat itchy and dry skin.
  • It brightens as well as moisturizes your skin.
  • It also works as a natural cleanser.
  • An oatmeal bath can protect your skin from pollution.

Hair Benefits

  • An oatmeal bath can help you to get rid of the dandruff problem.
  • It enhances the hair appearance and you will be able to get rid of hair loss problems.

So, this is how you can make an oatmeal bath. We have also highlighted the benefits and therefore, we hope that you would definitely start taking an oatmeal bath.

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