3 Common Posture Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Although most people don’t think about it a lot, good posture is important for physical and mental health. Medical experts and fitness instructors insist that a lot of complications may result from poor postural habits.

Over time, the body gradually adapts to bad posture and sheds fibrous tissues to support that posture. Health complications that may arise from bad posture include spinal and joint degeneration, arthritis and loss of mobility.

Outlined here are three most common posture mistakes, and how to correct them.

Not Moving Enough Throughout The Day

The body is naturally designed to move and experience postural changes all day. Sitting or standing for too long in a single position will make your body to ache and experience pain and discomfort.

To fix this posture mistake, stretch, move or change your body’s position every half-hour. Stretching helps to soothe muscle strain and should be done multiple times throughout the day.

Slouching in a Chair

In this position, the upper back is rounded and assumes a C shape. The hip bones are pulled backward, the lower part of the pelvis is pushed forward and the curve in the lower back is flat.

While this may appear comfortable, it actually strains the vertebrae, increases tension in the discs, and causes lower back pain and pinched nerves. This could potentially lead to weak abdominal and gluteal muscles, tight hamstrings and spinal misalignment.

How to fix this posture mistake? Sit closer to the edge of your chair, with a leg slightly forward, the other back, and your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your knees are level with, or slightly lower than your hips. You may also use a pillow to support the arch of your back to maintain the natural curve of your spine.

Leaning on One Leg

This is a common posture error almost everyone makes while waiting in line, or walking with a bag on one shoulder. This places excessive pressure on a side of the lower back and hip, and making the pelvic tilt. Pain may develop around the buttocks or hip area, and radiate into the leg.

An effective way to fix this is to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed and balanced whenever you stand.

Other common posture mistakes are text neck, hunched shoulders, gazing downward for too long, and keeping elbows and wrists bent for too long. These mistakes can be fixed by assuming positions that allow you to lengthen your spine well enough to give your body as much height as possible.

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