Alternatives To Caffeine


Caffeine is the global answer to fatigue. A single cup of coffee can boost one’s energy levels, providing enough motivation to execute the day’s tasks. However, for several reasons, several people don’t like caffeine or are simply bored to death of caffeine. So, what’s the alternative? Boosting your energy levels every morning is important to achieving a productive day; thereby, if you’re not taking caffeine, you should be committed to one of the five alternatives to caffeine. These are:

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is an excellent alternative to caffeine as it not only provides the body with enough energy but its components, antioxidants, are great for keeping healthy and flourishing skin. Matcha tea also helps with weight loss, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Surprisingly, matcha tea has caffeine but can be subtracted through the right preparation.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is entirely free of caffeine and calories, with sufficient Vitamin C for your day. Lemon water also packs antioxidants to help keep your skin healthy, free from the awful effects of the sun. Lemon water is simple to prepare but it packs a ton of benefits in one cup.

Chicory Root

Chicory root helps the digestive system, improves appetite, relieves constipation, cancer, and respiratory problems. It also has a coffee-like flavor, so you can lose the coffee yet keep enjoy the flavor.

Water and Energy Supplements

Caffeine is to help fight fatigue, however, water does a better job. Fatigue is majorly caused by dehydration, therefore, a regular intake of water can help keep you active and motivated throughout the day. Water also has numerous other benefits including healthy skin. Combine water with supplements from DaVinci Labs and Neuroscience for added energy, focus, and potential cognitive benefits.