This is Why Hoarding is Dangerous


Hoarding is a mental disorder that affects our willingness to part away with personal property, notwithstanding its value or meaning. People with this disorder have a hard time doing away with any possession, no matter insignificant it might be to them. They feel a need to always keep things which leads to having a cluttered home. Without throwing or giving out things, you fill every available space in your home with needless stuff, the basement and garage inclusive.

Hoarding, depending on its severity, may not pose a threat to your wellbeing. However, most people with a hoarding disorder often deny it in themselves, making treatment difficult as you only treat an ailment you know you’re suffering from.

Why Hoarding is Dangerous

Crowded Apartments

You’re always searching for space. Since hoarding stops you from letting go of your possessions, you end up filling every available space in your home. This takes away space to keep your valuable property.

Mental Distress

People with a hoarding disability struggle mentally about what to keep and to dispose of. The idea of having to throw something away immediately disrupts them mentally. Also, hoarding affects our decision-making, leading to mistakes in our life.

High level of incompatible with others

Taking up space, clustering everywhere, and having constant arguments about what to keep and what to give away makes a person incompatible with so many others. This causes difficulty in finding meaningful relationships in school, work, and personal life.