Why Modern Cultures Still Practice Ancient Medicine


Medicine has a long and ancient history; one that is wholly centered around relieving pain and improving general health and wellbeing. In older times, ailments were cured with herbs and spices by priests and traditionalists. Different cultures adopted various approaches to healing, depending on prevailing environmental conditions and available resources at the time.

An in-depth study through the Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Greek medical history reveals a practice solely predicated upon bringing about a holistic cure and immediate relief from life-threatening pain and inflictions through the use of natural remedies. Ancient medicine embraced acupuncture and the knowledge of herbs to tackle health problems, and this still holds true to this day.

One way that traditional medicine has cured diseases and brought about health and vitality to the human race is the practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that employs the use of herbs, healthy eating, meditation, physical therapy, and natural supplements to bring about health and wellness. This natural system of medicine has been in practice for thousands of years and is being deployed by Banyan Botanicals in the quest to maintain the delicate balance between the mind, spirit, and body. Just as it is evident with the use of herbal-based Tiger Balm for instant relief from acute pain and mild discomfort.

In view of the aforementioned, it is, therefore, safe to say that ancient cultures handled medicine with enviable respect for human life, nature, and with a strong desire to bring about complete healing as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Terry Naturally is committed to providing natural health products and supplements that would help in maintaining optimal health and wellness.

So, ancient medical practices have come to stay and are not about to go anywhere for the below reasons.

They Are Ancient

Try as we may, we can never beat old practices. Although modern medicine may be sophisticated and innovative, it doesn’t always leave the user feeling great, at least not until the side effects wear off and the hospital bills are paid off.

They Are Trusted

Ever heard the saying about known devils? No offense to modern medicine, but trado-medical healing alternatives stand a greater chance in medicine because they have been here for a longer time. And as such they may be more trusted.

They Are Effective

Whether it’s an unconventional method employed in ancient medicine or nature’s pure magic, herbal remedies are arguably more effective in the treatment of specific health maladies as opposed to their modern counterparts. Especially when synthetic or chemical drug treatments fail.