Best Incense Burners for Your Home


The best incense burners are ready and able to spread aromatic goodness throughout the home. Simply add your fragrance of choice and let the incense burner do the rest.

This is especially true when you pick an aroma that supports your individual health needs. There is even scientific evidence to back up their use. For example, if after a hectic day you need sleep support use an incense burner.

In the following review, you can learn about the various and best types of incense burners similar to NOW Foods for your home.

Best Types of Incense Burners:

Lavender Incense Sticks

These incense sticks will relax your mind and help you to sleep better. They may also help to calm your nerves and help you to deal with anxiety. If you face a lot of stress and frustration during the day, then it may help to relax you. While the best incense burners cannot help you solve your issues, they can at least provide soothing feelings so you can focus properly on your current tasks. Lavender incense smoke can also easily be dispersed in your bedroom and not make a big mess. Check out Aubrey Organics for your aromatic needs.

Essential Oil Natural Bug Incense Burners

This formula contains lemongrass, mint, and citrus. During summers, bugs such as mosquitoes are annoying. This oil is perfect for use in your natural bug incense burner because its scent will interfere with the sense of smell in bugs, making them confused. Lemongrass is a natural insect repellent too, so it actively works to detract bugs from the area. Mosquitos are repulsive and can carry disease, so keeping them away is best.

Love Set of Incense Burners

For your home, it is best to keep a set of “couple’s incense” if you are living with your partner. Every day is busy, which can affect your love life. But if you want to come home in good spirits, then the love set is best for you. The incense from the love set can stimulate pheromones affecting the relationship, love, and more between you and your partner.

Jasmine Incense Burners

Jasmine incense sticks have an aphrodisiac effect. These aromas have a warm and pungent fragrance that will be loved by many. This formula can help relieve pressure from the body. It can also aid male hormones. For a woman, it is good for the same purposes. Additionally, for introverts, these formulas may help quiet people to open up. Desert Essence is a great incense burner.


So here are the best four types of incense burners for everyone’s home. You can get them from your local utility store or any other bath and body store where incense burners are easily available of good quality. These burners are specifically the best for both men and women.