Here Are the Best Calorie Burning Holidays Activities


Lots of food and shopping, family parties, and some personal time – the holidays are always a great time of the year.

However, all that free time can make you binge on too much food and miss out on regular exercise. These are two bad habits that can disrupt fitness goals. Here, we share some quick ways to burn calories during the holidays without visiting the gym.

Do Some Chores

Instead of beating yourself up about the gym classes you missed during the holidays, get yourself busy with housework that gets you moving around. Cleaning, sweeping, gardening, scrubbing, and vacuuming are all great calorie-incinerating routines. Even cooking and baking are great ways to use up some calories, especially if you’re moving around the kitchen while at it.

Walk, Walk, Walk

It’s no longer news: walking is the easiest calorie-burning exercise ever. In-between every other activity you find yourself doing through the holidays, just make sure you find time to move from A to B, and keep your pace strong. To up the tempo, you could consider power walking, high-stepping, or climbing the stairs. With a moderate walking pace, you could be burning up to 300 calories per hour.


Quite similar to running, dancing offers another ample opportunity to get your blood pumping and improve your mood. What’s more? You can combine dancing with almost any other holiday task – cooking, decorating, and caroling. It’s a fun activity that also lets you discard all that extra calorie. So, create a holiday playlist, and shake that thang while you bake, clean or scrub!

Oh wait, that’s not all. Putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping up the presents, caroling (even when you’re bad at singing), going shopping, and ice-skating are other great ways to burn some calories during the holidays!

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