These Are The Most Expensive Vacations You Can Take


If you can spend a lot on your vacation, you will be fortunate to enjoy an additional layer of coziness – not a bad thing at all! Need help deciding where to spend your money? We have come up with some of the most expensive vacations for you.

Villa North Island In Seychelles

If you want to detach from the rest of the world, this vacation will be perfect for you. Villa North Island consists of 11 villas that provide so much comfort that you will never want to return to normal life. Cost? No problem! At $11,000 per night, you will experience all of the tastes that this villa has to offer. The island has loads of wooden decks, coconut groves, and there is also a private entrance through which you can go to a secluded beach. It is believed that Prince William and Kate came here for their honeymoon.

The Pikaia Lodge In Ecuador

If you get some time from your busy schedule and want to experience something different, yet expensive, the Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador is waiting for you. The lodge was specifically designed for adventurous, physically active, and environmentally conscious travelers. The location of this lodge is very interesting; it will allow you to have easy access to the whole island. Moreover, guests can have their dinners at the restaurant of the lodge while looking out over the area’s natural beauty. The cost of the weekly package is about $10,205 per person.

Post Ranch Inn In Big Sur, California

If you are living in California and want to have some mental serenity by keeping yourself separated from the busy world, this vacation will be ideal for you. The expensive accommodation of this luxurious resort will fulfill all your wishes with an extra layer of coziness. The Post House will also allow you to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The cost of a single room for one night is $4,350.

White Desert’s One-day Trip To Antarctica

The more we are moving towards advancement, the more it is becoming harder to get some time for a long holiday vacation. Well, we understand your concern, and th