Causes For Why Your Feet Hurt


We work our feet from dawn to dusk, resting them only when sleeping. This workload, as well as diseases in the body, can cause foot pain, and discomfort. Foot pain can reduce productivity by over 50 percent. To avoid foot pain, it is important to know what causes them.

The following are the causes for why your feet hurt.

Trauma from injury

Achilles tendonitis and other related foot injuries can cause a lot of foot pain. It is recommended to treat any rapture in your foot immediately and avoid a repeat injury on the same spot. To help and support the health of your foot, consider supportive aids from Quicksilver Scientific.

Infectious Diseases

Bacteria and viruses are known causes of foot pain. Haglund’s deformity can also affect the health of our heel bone, thereby causing terrible foot pain. Numerous other infectious diseases could also cause foot pain. Visit a doctor if the source of your foot pain isn’t understood.

Right shoes

Buying the right shoe fit ensures comfortability and ease. However, the wrong shoe fit may cause swelling, and injuries when performing intense activities. For example, running using sneakers can cause a lot of pain and injuries as your foot hits the ground. High heel shoes are also a source of pain for your toes.

Delayed treatment

Injuries should be treated as emergencies. Delayed treatment can cause infections and repeat injuries. Notice an injury on your foot, visit the doctor as soon as possible.

If you applied home medication but can still feel pain, make sure to visit the doctor immediately.