Medicine Organizations Working to Keep People Healthy Globally


Global health is a goal that is important to several organizations. The people within these groups are motivated to help keep populations healthy and secure.

These organizations will campaign to raise disease awareness, recommend changes to living conditions, oversee the spread of information about preventive measures against illness or other conditions, and may even provide clinical care.

Types of medicine organizations working for global health:

  1. World Health Organization: Also known as WHO, this organization was established after World War 2 and is a multilateral health organization that works for the betterment of humanity. It works around the world to provide information and guidance for health, preventive measures, and research. This organization operates with the help of doctors, researchers, economists, etc.
  2. United Nations: Also known as the U.N. This organization does more than just oversee health concerns. It also plays a major role in global security, trade, military aid, and much more. The whole organization spends a lot of its non-administrative budget on promoting health initiatives against AIDS, malnutrition, and increasing vaccination rates.
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Known as the CDC. It is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This organization works around the world to initiate preventive measures for serious diseases and to control them. The organization spends a lot of resources to meet the requirements of global health. The CDC is responsible for not only promoting but also implementing health initiatives.
  4. United States Agency for International Development: Stands for the USAID. It is one of the largest bilateral medicine organizations in the whole world and is involved in global health. This organization not only wants to prevent diseases from spreading in the world, but also to end global poverty, so democratic societies realize their potential. USAID provides funding for global health in areas where HIV, malaria, maternal health issues, nutrition, and tuberculosis, etc. are highlighted.
  5. Population Services International: the PSI is a non-profit organization that takes a business approach towards saving lives. This organization addresses some of the most challenging health issues facing humanity today. They use proven business practices, such as marketing and franchises to fund and spread information campaigns. PSI helps to build strong health care systems. They are located in 65 countries.


You can also visit their websites for more information on what their goals and current programs are about. You can also volunteer for certain health issues and make a change.