Reasons For Why You Wake Up With a Heart Racing


Imagine waking up in the morning with a racing heart. Scary right? Who wouldn’t be when they feel their heart beating or pounding very fast. The cause of this can be traced to several factors including stress, anxiety, diet, and sleep deprivation. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you wake up with a racing heart.

Stress and anxiety

An increase in stress and anxiety levels can cause your heart to race. How so? Anxiety and stress can trigger the release of hormones that can spike your heart rate. Little wonder why anxiety is a very common cause of heart palpitations.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of several health conditions. Lack of sleep may cause a person to wake up with a racing heart. Fatigue, mental fog, and clumsiness are other signs that you are not getting enough sleep.


Nightmares can also lead to physical symptoms that may cause a person to wake up with a racing heart. It also comes with shaking and sweating. Closely related to this is sleep paralysis. This happens when a person is unable to move when they wake up. This intense fear can cause one to wake up with a racing heart.

Certain medications

Medications such as stimulants might cause you to wake up with a heart racing. Heart palpitations may be a side effect of inhaled steroids, pseudoephedrine, Ritalin and Adderall, and some thyroid medications.

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In all, if you notice that you wake up with your heart racing regularly, please see a doctor.

What Is Something Peaceful to Do When You Are Stressed Out


There is no doubt that many people in the 21st century are suffering from stress, anxiety, and other mental symptoms. Sometimes people hide these symptoms and won’t even talk about it with their family, friends, or doctors.


Some people may not even be aware that they are stressed. So many people are so incredibly busy that they think it is normal to feel this way. At the same time, making a change to help to reduce these issues doesn’t always feel like an option. Work, family, and other demands require that people are always rushing at the ragged edge, or they may face a loss of employment or disappointing other who rely on them. There just isn’t time to try!


Fortunately, there are ways to work towards better managing that stress without a big time sink. Now, none of the suggestions below are likely to cure your issues, but they may help. It is quite evident that stress and anxiety can hamper your daily lifestyle, productivity, and even relationships. Therefore it is very important to know a few solutions.


Stress and anxiety have become so common that most people have only one question. What is something peaceful they can do to get rid of these mental issues. We have come up with a few things that you can do in order to manage stress and anxiety.

Take a Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath can give you fruitful outcome. Yes, you just need to take a deep breath and then hold it for 2 to 5 seconds. Then exhale slowly. This may help you to feel more relaxed. This breathing exercise can help you to get rid of stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, and much more. It will help you to keep you mind under control.


Breathing exercises not only pacify your mind but also your body. After doing this exercise, your mind will become calm as well as peaceful. As a result, your body will also react. It will help you to get rid of muscle stiffness and many more.


However, there are different ways through which you can unbind your body as well as mind.

Relaxing The Mind

You can do the following things to relax the mind:

  • Start doing breathing exercises.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Listen to some gentle and soothing music.
  • You can also start practicing meditation. Meditation allows you to focus on a single thing so your mind will become more stable. Moreover, you will be able to focus on the things that are going on in the present movement.

Relaxing The Body

In order to relax your body, you can do the following things.

  • Start doing yoga regularly.
  • Do some mild physical exercises. Indulge yourself in some enjoyable activities.
  • Try a body massage.

So, these are something peaceful things that you can do when you are stressed out. Give them a try and see if they help you to overcome some of your issues!

What is a Stress Indicator and How do You Recover?


Stress is a physiological anomaly, because it is a condition that the body develops to handle a more demanding task, and if not kept a check upon, it can very easily turn into a serious problem, I.E., depression.

As is with all physiological anomalies, stress comes with a lot of sign and symptoms, and reading these indicators from early on is the key to prevent it from turning into a chronic medical condition.

Causes of stress:

  • Nausea,
  • vomiting, frequent migraines,
  • constant neck, and backaches,
  • flatulence, and constipation,
  • stress-induced diarrhea
  • Insomnia,
  • Changes in appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus
  • Easily frustrated
  • Inability to communicate
  • Social isolation
  • Reliance on substances of abuse
  • Anxiety, worry, guilt, nervousness
  • Lowered libido
  • Increased feelings of anger, violence, and hostility
  • Nervousness and guilt
  • Panic attacks
  • Palpitations, chest pain, and racing pulse

These are just a few of the many, many signs and symptoms that stress makes a trail of.

Dealing with stress comes in on three levels; primary, secondary, and tertiary, and involves the person’s own body, and mind, family, and friends, and healthcare professionals who can help better the situation.

It also includes improving health through fueling the body with pure, and organic necessities, for example, the micronutrients, and health concentrate provided by companies like MegaFoods, DesBio, and Irwins Naturals.


The primary or ideal most situation would be to remove all factors that may be liable for causing stress in the future.

Have a deadline? Complete your work well before it; do not procrastinate.

Too much work on your shoulders? Delegate; stop taking everything on yourself.

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The primary approach requires planning each step of your day, it takes effort, and hence, can prove to be an added stress for a lot of people.

Secondary and Tertiary

The secondary and tertiary approaches are used to help already stressed people recover. It can be a hug from a friend, or a visit to the psychologist, that helps one get past stress, and all its negativity.

Once a person is affected by stress, they need to give their body the perfect internal environment too, so that it is mentally, and physically strong enough to get past it. For example, keep a balanced diet, workout, and keep a check on the micronutrients like vitamins, iron, folate, etc., that your body really needs.

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All these are worth mentioning because sometimes, the body needs external help; whether it be to fix emotions or the physical ailments, and stress induces both of these. The key is to deal with each aspect one by one; the large variety of supplements, and quick fixes that are available in today’s age, and time.

All this, makes dealing with the aspect of physical ailments, at least, very smooth, and easy, because it really glorifies the motto of providing easy access to healthcare for everyone.